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     The clothing available for women in golf is varied and it is important to not only play appropriately, but to dress for the game.  The traditional style of clothing is still out there, collared (polo) shirts, shorts, and full shoes.  But, if you like to be stylish, on and off the course, finding more exciting clothing can be a challenge.  We have been shopping for women’s golf clothes on the internet and have the clothes from all our suppliers by category.  So, instead of looking at all the different sites to find the right item, our site is a combination of over 50 websites for women’s golf clothing.  You can always go directly to a supplier’s site by clicking on their banner on the right hand side of every page.   Our suppliers carry great clothing so please continue searching for the golf clothes you want when you enter their site.




Jamie Sadock Women's Crinkle Mardi Gras Sleeveless Polo

Jamie Sadock Women's Crinkle Mardi Gras

Unionbay Amanda Striped Skorts

Unionbay Amanda Striped Skorts

Jamie Sadock Women's Peppermint Vertical Colorblock Sleeveless Polo

Jamie Sadock Women's Peppermint Vertical

Type Z - Melanie Shorts (Black) - Apparel

Type Z - Melanie Shorts

DKNY Women's Vivid Pink Diagonal Stripe Sleeveless Polo

DKNY Women's Vivid Pink Diagonal Stripe

DKNY Women's Zip Blocked Citrine Short Sleeve Polo

DKNY Women's Zip Blocked Citrine


On this site, you will find golf clothes by the type of ladies golf clothing.  Each page will include all styles of clothing for you to view and buy.  We know many ladies that play golf and tennis so we have added clothing for both sports. We also have a tab for our blog on ladies golf clothing where we share stories,  tips, and articles on golf.  Go ahead and click on the blog page, join us with your stories and tips, and together we will find ways to improve our game and laugh together.  In addition, click on the link below to subscribe to our newsletter.

Thanks for joining us and we want this to be your site to find your golf clothing and golf information for ladies.


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Cold Weather and Rain Golf Wear

Cold Weather and Rain Golf Wear

  Okay, you are now hooked on the game and it’s been too cold or there is that white stuff on the ground.  The weather turns, and it feels like it might be 70 degrees out there!  So let’s play some golf ladies!!   Quite a few things to consider when playing in cold weather:  1).  …

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lady golfer improve

Improve Your Golf Game

Like most things in life, we have a need to improve and that does not exclude reducing the amount of strokes in your golf game.  Wow, there are so many aspects of the game of golf for improvement.  And for some reasons it seems like if your long game is on, your putting is off …

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tennis ball

Ladies Golf and Tennis Clothing

Golf and Tennis go hand in hand when it comes to apparel.  We decided to add a page for clothing which doubles in both sports.  Ladies Tennis Apparel can have a style that you typically do not find in Ladies Golf Clothing.  If in doubt about dress code at your course, call ahead to eliminate …

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golf sandal

Ladies Golf Sandals

Golf sandals are a great option for many women.  If you find yourself with a tee time on a beautiful, sunny day, you probably won’t want to wear socks with a full shoe.  Or, the weight of a full shoe is too much for your ankles and calves to handle.  Possibly, you have gorgeous toes …

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golf capri

Pants and Capris

The most popular pants today in golf for ladies is the capri style. This is because they are typically a smart choice with early tee times when it is colder, knowing it will be warmer as you finish your round. Longer pants are also very appropriate on the course. Many ladies wear long pants to …

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sports bra 2

Sports Bras

We decided to add this page based upon our article, “Which bra to wear golfing.” As with anything you wear to golf, your bra has to be comfortable and supporting.  Some bras have webbing to keep you cooler.  Be sure your sports bra is not too binding, consider ordering a larger size.  Another consideration when …

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golf shirt

Today’s Stylish Golf Shirts

As explained on Collar (Polo) Shirts, women have more flexibility than men with the golf shirts that are worn on the course.  Women can now wear T shirts, V necks, and others as seen below.  A few warnings about the different styles:  1.) Be sure the shirt is long enough that it will either stay …

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Hats and Visors

We all know that we need to protect our face from the sun.  See our picks on the best hats and visors for the woman golfer.  Keep in mind when you order your head cover:  1.) What will your hair look like after 4 hours of golf? (or will you keep your hat on)  2.)  …

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golf polo

Collar (Polo) Golf Shirts

The traditional shirt for golfers, ladies and men, is the collared golf shirt.  Even though the standard has remained for men, women have a more flexible dress code for golf.  These shirts are accepted at all golf courses and can also be worn off the links.  See Today’s Golf Shirts for the non-traditional ladies golf …

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golf skort

Skirts Skorts Shorts

Originally, ladies wore skirts to golf…long skirts.  Well, things have changed in our golfing attire when it comes to skirts skorts and shorts.  Be careful that these are not too short and a must is that you are comfortable with the length and material.  It certainly helps to have two side pockets for your golf …

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golf shoe

Ladies Golf Shoes

Women loves shoes; all types of shoes.  This is true on the golf course also.  Today, women have a lot of choices on style, color, and comfort in their golf shoes.   The only rule about golf shoes for ladies is that metal cleats are no longer allowed.  You will find that the shoes designed for …

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logo golf balls

Unique Golf Accessories

There are a lot of great sites for ladies golf clubs and golf gloves so we aren’t going to include those in our ladies unique golf accessories.  Here, you will find items that you don’t usually see in most sites.  Golf items that will get the attention of the other gals you’re golfing with…envy accessories! …

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