May 14

Why are golf capris popular?

Capris, also known as pedal pushers and knickers (to our mothers), is a popular choice for the lady golfer. 

1.  They are accepted at all golf courses since their length is within guidelines.

2.  They are great for the morning tee times when it’s a little chilly outside and you want to layer your look with a sweater or pullover.

3.  There is a variety of colors and styles to mix and match your golfing outfits.

4.  They offer more protection from the sun.

5. Add argyle socks for the Paine Stewart look!

Tail Activewear Women's Secure Smooth Lilac Capri

Tail Activewear Women's Secure Smooth Lilac Capri $85.00


May 14

Golf Skort

Golf skorts are worn on the course more than skirts and shorts. The reasons why are:

1. They are more comfortable to wear. The length is typically appropriate and there are a variety of colors and styles available.
2. With the short underneath; bending over, squatting, and sitting aren’t an issue.
3. If the terrible wedgie occurs, you are the only one who knows it. Unlike a short, you don’t have the need to tug every time you move.
4. Most styles have pockets to keep your extra ball, tees, ball marker, and ball repair tool.
5. You can tuck in your shirt with a belt or leave your shirt loose.

NIKE Dri-FIT Convertible Skort $49.98

NIKE Dri-FIT Convertible Skort $49.98

May 14

Is Golfing a good First Date?

Is golfing a good first date?

Is golfing a good first date?

I’ve been there, done that, and don’t recommend golfing for the first date.  Here are my experiences and thoughts:

  • You are typically nervous on the first tee, now think about hitting the first ball this man will see.  You can mishit it which he’ll think that it will be an extremely long round or you crank one out there and he’ll be intimidated.  Also, remember that he will tee off first and you will most likely have the same thoughts!
  • His golfing personality will be apparent after a few holes.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing.  If you get lucky and it’s a good thing, congratulations.  But, what if a golf temper comes out, cursing and tossing a club or two.  How do you react?  You don’t want to try to calm him down but laughter doesn’t work either…your only option is the silent treatment.  Are we having fun yet?
  • What if you have a terrible round and you just can’t get it together…so much for a second date.
  • I believe it’s inherent in men to play better than a woman.  How do you win believing this and have a fun date?  Humor can really help but that is assuming he has a sense of humor.
  • What do you wear?  How many terrific golf outfits do you own?  I believe every gal should own at least 2 great golf outfits for either first dates, company outings, and scrambles you are invited to play. 

Golfing can be so much fun but probably not on a first date.  Pick your other options for the first few dates and then suggest golf after you know each other better.  If the man has potential, keep it safe for awhile until you can dazzle him outside the golf course.


Have fun and enjoy!

May 14

Summer Golf Shoe for women

I bought these shoes last year for 3 reasons. They are lightweight, you don’t need to wear socks (I hate socks in hot weather), and I can throw them in my washer/dryer when they get too disgusting.

Click it Out!

Nike Women's Air Summer Lite III Golf Shoe

May 14

Shiney Metallic Golf Balls

I found these terrific golf balls while playing on the web and just had to buy them.  Here is what other women say about these golf balls:

Love these golf balls! Never loose another golf ball when using these. The metallic finish is easy to see while it’s in the air and on the ground, particularly on sunny days. They just shine in the sun, so even if the ball goes into the rough, it’s easy to find. You can still lose one in a water hazard, though! Even though I’ve been careful around water hazards, I did lose one (and only one, I’m usually more careful!) in a river. Some lucky scavenger will find a pretty, shiny green ball someday.

The ball flies long and straight. It works great on the greens too, nice roll.

I get a lot of comments on it from my playing partners.

Lynx Color Chrome Golf Balls

Lynx Color Chrome Golf Balls

May 14

Golf Range Finder versus a GPS

I bought the Bushnell Laser finder last month and love it.  I had a two year old model of another brand GPS but find the Bushnell unit better.  It takes ordinary batteries (vs the $50 specialty battery) and the sight is so clear.  It has ‘pin seeker’ technology so you don’t need to worry about picking up the tree behind the pin.  I also decided on a range finder over a GPS for the ease.  A GPS has an annual fee, you need to program it with every course you play (with a limited memory) and you can’t pick up the age old question, “How far from here to the water!”

Bushnell White Medalist Laser Rangefinder with PinSeeker Technology

Bushnell White Medalist Laser Rangefinder $249.99


May 11

Dress Code For Golf

Dress Code for GolfTimes have changed, especially women’s apparel on the golf course. Women’s guidelines have changed dramatically thanks to the LPGA. If in doubt, tune in on TV and see what the lady professionals are wearing.

Be sue to check the dress code of the golf course where you are playing before leaving the house for the course. We have latitude, but not on every course and there is nothing worse than being told that you are not appropriately dressed and you need to bring out your credit card to buy from the over priced pro shop.

We have two basic guidelines: be sure you are comfortable and appropriate for golf. Tight clothes rarely offer comfort and should therefore not be worn on the course (this includes shorts, pants, and your shirt). We have virtual carte blanche to select a top as long as it’s not form-fitting and covers the belly. Women usually will wear a collared shirt, but it can have buttons or a zipper, a V-neck, sleeves or no sleeves, and T shirts. I tend to buy shirts that are hip length so I don’t have to tuck them in. If you do tuck in your golf shirt, make sure it is long enough so that it doesn’t slip out during your golf swing. If you are large breasted, I highly recommend a sports bra. One that is, again, comfortable yet keeps your swing fluid. Stay away from short shorts…you bend over constantly in golf and you do not want to embarrass your team mates. It’s a question of respect. It helps to keep in mind if you are matched up with other golfers on number one tee, would you be comfortable.

Golf shoes have plastic cleats to help reduce slipping on the course, especially if the ground is wet. Find a few pair to wear and I recommend golf sandals. Golf shoes with socks can become very warm in the summer and leave an unsightly tan line above your ankles. Golf sandals are great to reduce that tan line and they are typically lighter in weight than a golf shoe. You will have to remove your sandals after a bunker shot to wipe the sand off your feet. Most courses only requirement with golf shoes is no metal cleats which are no longer available.

If it is cold and windy be sure to wear long pants and a sweater. I typically layer my clothing in hope that the sun will come out and the wind will die down. Keep some rain gear in your bag just in case a storm erupts. You will probably stop play, but wet clothes, anywhere, is not a good time! On those sunny days, be sure to wear a golf hat or visor to protect your face. You might also want to wear sunglasses to reduce the glare and they do help watching and finding your golf ball.

Wearing a golf glove is suggested for a few reasons. A glove helps keep your grip on the club without any slippage and it reduced the callouses on your hands. Try to get in the habit of removing your glove once you reach the green. If I keep my glove on the entire round, after 3 days my hand has an obvious tan line and I hate tan lines.

I see the majority of women wearing skorts these days on the course.  The look is professional and they are so comfortable.  They can also be worn off the course.  Buy some solids, mild prints, and if you are daring, something more exciting!

Remember, have fun and enjoy!

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