May 21

Buying great golf clothes on a budget

Okay, there are some great clothes that you want to buy but maybe you can’t justify spending the money.  I am probably not the only woman with this disease.  I struggle clicking on the ‘buy now’ when I know I can get 4 items at the department store that I am going to spend on this one.  What to do?

Lady Hagen Women's Pink Ribbon Hero Zip Ruffle Short Sleeve Polo

Lady Hagen Women's Pink Ribbon Hero Zip

Do yourself a favor and look in your closet.  Now really look and guess at how often you wear each piece of clothing.  Think about which pieces you always grab and which ones are bi-passed for a better look.  I’ve done this and 80% of the time, I pick the finer clothes versus the bargain basement items that I picked up at a steal; but I don’t wear them when I want to dazzle my man or friends.  They either don’t fit me quite right, the color is all wrong, or they just look worn out.

I am a very logical person and here is how I deal with this dilemma.  First, decide what your monthly budget is for buying clothes.  I started with $150 each month.

DKNY Women's Blocked Button Calypso Sleeveless Polo

DKNY Women's Blocked Button Calypso

That isn’t much when you think about all the times you pick up one or two items each time you go shopping.  I hold off buying anything for me for a month or two and now I have $300 to $450 to spend.

I have my wish list of what I want to buy.  Now, I look at my top picks and make sure that I have other items in my closet that I can mix and match with my new purchase.  I choose my items wisely and feel great when they arrive because of the 4 items I just bought, I have 7-10 new outfits.  Of course, I wear a new look that evening!

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