May 21

Couples Golfing

couples golfing

Women and men golfing together

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing golf or how good you are, there will come a time to play with the man in your life.  I know couples that this has been a disaster!  This is usually because of him (of course it wasn’t what we did or said).  If your man is a better golfer, he won’t be able to resist giving you lesson after lesson while you’re playing.  The end result will be that you are more nervous or just want him to shut up.  If you think this is at all possible, talk before the round and ask him to refrain unless you ask for help.  You may also run into the impatient side of your man.  If your nerves go ballistic, consider sitting out the next hole until you can calm down.  Try to make light if your game goes in the toilet and laugh at yourself…it will ease your tension and his.

There are other suggestions to make ‘couple’ golfing worthwhile.  The easiest and best recommendation is golf with another couple close to both of your skill levels.  If the women ride together, the potential tension within each couple will lessen. If all is going well, you can always change cart partners at the turn.

We always do it so don’t stop now, edify your man.  Say “Great Shot” and all those other things he loves to hear.  Who knows, he might even utter a compliment or two your way.  Be sure you follow all the rules of golf and exemplify golf etiquette.  If we can’t impress him with our game, at least we know the rules.

The most important thing to do, is remember why you wanted to golf together in the first place.  Don’t loose sight of this.  If it’s to have fun, well then have fun.  I’ve been golfing with my husband for over two years.  We laugh, we kiss, we touch, we have quality time together.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  I challenge every couple to experience the joy of golf, together!

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