Jun 05

Is Sexy OK for the Golf Course?

I’ve got to tell you a short story. When I was 23 I became a CPA and one of the first things I did was join the local CPA society.

Too Sexy?

One of the many men I met gave me a book “Women’s Guide for Dressing for Success.” I thought this was quite nice of him, caring for my future as a CPA. Well, the bottom line was in order to be successful, I needed to dress like a man; dark suites, flat shoes, no make-up…you get the picture. Regardless, I was a little peeved because I preferred dresses and 3 in heels and had no intention of dressing like a man.

Okay, so now you know where I’m coming from with this topic. I strongly feel that we do not need to look like men on the golf course. You would rarely see me in long pants and polo shirt so that at a distance you might question my sex.

There are extremes in everything, even golf. You also won’t see me dressed in a very short skort with a mid drift top cut too low. But, I do want to dress like a lady and still have some fashion sense with my look. I feel better about myself when I know I look good. Is that sexy? It depends who I’m talking to about the subject. The bottom line is I feel sexy when I dress nice. One of the new styles in golf shirts that I love along with a skort (which is quite feminine looking) is my favorite golf attire. If I dress sloppy (plain polo which is too large and plain, wrinkled shorts) I don’t feel good about myself and it does carry over into my score.

So, when considering what to wear on the golf course and how sexy it is, if you’re comfortable and it is acceptable attire at the course…Go For It!

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