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Golf can be a fun, yet frustrating game.  There is so much to learn and then remember.  Sometimes it can feel overwhelming so our advice is to keep it simple.  Here, our head writer, Sue, will include her thoughts on the game of golf.

Keep your head down and enjoy!

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Dress Code for Lady Golfers

If you watch any LPGA tournaments, you will see golf outfits that do not fit the safe dress code.  Today’s lady golfer wears V necks, T shirts, sleeveless tops, and shorter shorts, skorts, and skirts.  Whatever you decide to wear, the number one thing to consider is comfort.  Comfort with the length, cut, and material.  …

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Golf Etiquette

  Etiquette is defined as “the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behavior in society in general or in a specific social or professional group or situation”  The game of golf does not have any referees or officials, it is up to each individual player to follow the rules.  With that being said, below …

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Golf Tips, Beginners

  Start with the attitude that you are going to golf to have fun.  Many beginner golfers think they can be competitive within a few weeks of practice and that most likely will not happen.  If your goal isn’t to join the LPGA tour, smile and enjoy yourself. Define your level of commitment.  Golf takes …

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Golfing in the heat of the summer

Wear light cotton fabrics, sleeveless shirts, and a visor or hat.  If you are going to wear a skort, be careful that the two layers of clothing is not too much in the heat. Take 2 water bottles with you if not provided by the course.  Fill them up each time you come to a …

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Top bad habits of golfers

    Remember, we are golfing to have fun.  Golf does take patience, but it should be about you and not what others do that make you a little crazy.  The following suggestions should be considered in order to enjoy your round and for others to enjoy their round of golf. 1.  Play ready golf.  …

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Which bra to wear golfing?

Let’s talk about which bras are best for not only comfort, but support.  If you decide you wear your everyday bra with straps, you probably won’t again.  The problem with the traditional bra is the straps are either too tight (therefore binding) or they are too loose and constantly fall off your shoulders.  Also, on …

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