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Dress Code for Lady Golfers

Dress code for Lady Golfers

If you watch any LPGA tournaments, you will see golf outfits that do not fit the safe dress code.  Today’s lady golfer wears V necks, T shirts, sleeveless tops, and shorter shorts, skorts, and skirts.  Whatever you decide to wear, the number one thing to consider is comfort.  Comfort with the length, cut, and material.  Keep in mind the following:  1.  When you swing your shirt will rise.  Whether or not you tuck your shirt in, be sure it is long enough so your belly doesn’t show.  2.  In golf, you bend over a lot…teeing up the ball, marking your ball, and yes, getting your ball out of the cup.  Be sure that when you bend over, you don’t reveal too much cleavage or bottom.  We suggest that you ask that if another woman was wearing your outfit, would your man (or any man) be comfortable?  After all, comfort is not just an issue for us, it is also a consideration for other players.  If any clothing is too tight, don’t wear it on the course, you will find yourself tugging and pulling and again, be uncomfortable.

Weather conditions also need to be considered with comfort.  If it is colder, dress in layers with the hope that it will get warmer.  Be sure to have rain wear in your bag for those storms that arise.  Hats and visors are not only important to wear to keep the sun off your face, but also to protect you from the cold.  Consider having a left and right handed golf glove to wear on those cold days.  A full golf shoe is important in the cold to keep your feet warm and to get the traction you need while golfing.  In warmer weather, consider wearing a golf sandal which are typically lighter and will allow your feet to remain cooler.

When you do golf, look at what the other ladies are wearing and which looks you like.  While solid colors are always safe and can easily match, bolder colors can be fun.  Try mixing a solid with a bold so that your ensemble is not too loud!  Also be aware of the jewelry you are wearing; stay away from large, long earrings because they can interfere with your swing.  Wearing large rings will also handicap your grip and swing.  Consider leaving these items in your car so that you do not lose them on the course.  Which is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  If you have beautiful, long fingernails, get golf gloves with half fingers.

We have also discovered that ladies tennis clothes can also be worn on the golf course. 

Find your sense of style on the course.  Be comfortable with your attire and build upon what works for you.

Enjoy and have fun.

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