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Golf Tips, Beginners

  •   Start with the attitude that you are going to golf to have fun.  Many beginner golfers think they can be

    Why you don't want to 'slow play' in golf

    competitive within a few weeks of practice and that most likely will not happen.  If your goal isn’t to join the LPGA tour, smile and enjoy yourself.

  • Define your level of commitment.  Golf takes time in order to improve.  If you just want to play occasionally then borrow a set from a friend who quite the game.  If you want to become a serious golfer, we suggest buying a used set of basic clubs.  Hold off on buying a new set of irons and woods until you are playing at least once a week or you have the money burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Pick the best coach for you.  Initially, you want to learn the golf swing mechanics.  If you are a natural, you can probably get by with practicing your swing at home.  Or, you may want to consider taking a 30 minute lesson from the pro at a local golf course to learn your golf swing mechanics.  If you want to take lessons, it is usually a good idea to take a friend to help you remember all the instruction you receive.  Once you understand your swing, practice in your backyard or open area.  You can use a plastic or foam golf ball for this so you don’t need to worry about any errant shots.  You are now working on your consistent swing.  Making contact with the ball.  Start with your wedges and then move up numerically (9 iron, 8 iron, etc) until your yard/open area isn’t large enough.  At this time, go to a driving range and hit your irons only.  If you are still having challenges, ask another golfer to join you for help.  Be sure to select a patient person.  This choice may not be your spouse, but it should be someone who plays the game and is not overly critical.
  • Some people have a bad club in their bag.  If you have one (or two) of these, take them out of your bag and forget about them.  You will be happier hitting a good 7 iron than topping a six iron.  When you have some time available, bring that bad club out and practice with it.  You will find that once you have confidence in you and your swing, you just might be able to make good contact.
  • We suggest practicing your woods after you have a consistent swing.  Remember, your swing should be the same with all clubs (except pitching/chipping) so the only difference is usually how you address the ball and the tee height.  Most women do not hit a driver consistently, so starting out, we recommend a 5 wood or even a 7 wood.

Before you play an actual round of golf, you need to familiarize yourself with golf etiquette, golf terms, proper attire, and the basic rules of golf.


Enjoy and have fun!

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