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Top bad habits of golfers



One of our bad habits of golf - read on for more

Remember, we are golfing to have fun.  Golf does take patience, but it should be about you and not what others do that make you a little crazy.  The following suggestions should be considered in order to enjoy your round and for others to enjoy their round of golf.

1.  Play ready golf.  Have you ever been following a group and they play so slow that the group ahead of them is 2 holes advanced?  Ready golf can mean a few things.  First, take a few clubs with you if in doubt of your shot.  When you are ready to chip onto the green, take your putter with you.  Trips back and forth to the golf cart will slow your group down.  If you are not the shortest drive but that player is not ready to hit, go ahead unless it is a safety issue.  The player furthest away on the fairway and green is not necessarily the first to hit.  We suggest that on the first tee, you announce that let’s play ready golf so everyone knows to keep the game moving.

2. Looking for lost balls.  Typically 3 minutes is the maximum amount of time to find your ball in a hazard.  Drop another ball and take your penalty to keep the group moving.  I’ve followed golfers that keep their ball retriever in their hands to find balls while they play.  The group behind you and most likely your teammates would appreciated not doing this.

3.  Practice swings.  If you have warmed up at the driving range before your round, you should be limber and in the groove.  Taking more than one or two practice swings on every shot can be aggravating to your teammates.  If you feel the need to practice your swing more than twice, do so while other players are hitting as long as you are not a distraction to them and you face a different direction than the green.

4.  Taking an excessive amount of shots.  If you are playing for the enjoyment of the game, the basic rule of thumb is to pick up your ball after a double bogie.  Placing an eight or more on your score card will only frustrate and discourage yourself.

5.  Thinking before you swing.  You’ve addressed the ball, you have your direction established, but instead of swinging away, you stand there for 10 or more seconds.  Are you going over everything you have to remember?  Are you praying?  We suggest a deep breath, count to three and swing.

6.  Putting like you’re a pro.  You’ve seen it many times on TV…the golfer looks at their putt from every direction while squatting to find the correct break.  If you watch your chip hit the green, you have a pretty good idea of  the break and speed of the green.  Looking at every angle will slow down your game and it is quite embarrassing if your putt isn’t close to the cup.

7.  Walking off distances.  Granted, we all did this before the invention of golf GPS units.  But there are still some golfers that insist on walking off the yardage from the last marker to the ball.  If you find yourself doing this, do us a favor and buy a range finder.

8.  Your course will tell you the expected time to complete the course.  Be aware of this and always stay with the group ahead of you.  If you are a beginner or having a bad day, let the faster group play through and allow yourself more time to finish your round.

9.  We almost forgot about tantrums on the course.  Again, girls just want to have fun, not like these fellas…

This completes our list, if you have anything to add, let us know on our comments below and we will keep this list updated.


Enjoy and have fun!

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