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Which bra to wear golfing?

Saucony Ignite LT Bra $34.99

Saucony Ignite LT Bra $34.99

Let’s talk about which bras are best for not only comfort, but support.  If you decide you wear your everyday bra with straps, you probably won’t again.  The problem with the traditional bra is the straps are either too tight (therefore binding) or they are too loose and constantly fall off your shoulders.  Also, on a warm day the underwire can drive you crazy! 

A sports bra will be your best choice but not all are made for golf.  Be sure the following are considered when buying:

  • If the bra binds your breasts, that’s a good thing as long as you can still breathe!.  It helps in your swing and comfort.  Just be sure that it also doesn’t bind your neck.  This type will get very uncomfortable after a few holes.
  • The bottom band shouldn’t be too wide.  You will sweat during those hot rounds and a wide band could produce a rash.
  • A light cotton sports bra works well if you don’t need a lot of support.
  • Buy only solid colors.  The others may look prettier but under a white shirt – bad idea.
  • Look at the back design of your sports bra.  A criss cross pattern works well but be careful of how close the straps are to your neck.  If the straps cut too close, the strap will most likely not be covered by your shirt.  Another bad idea!
  • Some bras have a netting material in the back and bottom which helps keep you cool.
  • Some sports bras are cut lower at the underarm which really help prevent any rubbing and rashes.
  • Most sport bras are one piece but you can find them with clasps.  Just make sure what type of clasp is used so you aren’t poked each time you swing.

If support isn’t a huge issue for you, you have more choices than a sports bra.  There are some camisoles that can work quite nicely.  The only down side is it will need to be tucked into your bottom along with your shirt.  Be sure that the extra layer isn’t too much in the heat or comfort area.  Another suggestion is consider wearing a one piece bathing suit.  It sounds crazy but if it is comfortable if can work.  Just be sure that it is not too short in the torso that you are constantly tugging at the bottom.  

Hope this helps and enjoy and have fun!

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