May 14

Shiney Metallic Golf Balls

I found these terrific golf balls while playing on the web and just had to buy them.  Here is what other women say about these golf balls:

Love these golf balls! Never loose another golf ball when using these. The metallic finish is easy to see while it’s in the air and on the ground, particularly on sunny days. They just shine in the sun, so even if the ball goes into the rough, it’s easy to find. You can still lose one in a water hazard, though! Even though I’ve been careful around water hazards, I did lose one (and only one, I’m usually more careful!) in a river. Some lucky scavenger will find a pretty, shiny green ball someday.

The ball flies long and straight. It works great on the greens too, nice roll.

I get a lot of comments on it from my playing partners.

Lynx Color Chrome Golf Balls

Lynx Color Chrome Golf Balls

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