Jul 23

This Florida weather is Wet!

West, Central Florida is Drenched!

When will the rain stop in Florida?  I typically play golf three to four times each week but since Tropical Storm Debbie, I’ve played twice.  With all the rainfall, our local courses are under water.  I played on Friday but, of course, it was cart path only.  Well, imagine all that walking when it’s in excess of 95 degrees!  I was lucky to complete nine holes.  In fact, I brought out my dirty, dinged, ugly balls with the knowledge that if I missed the cart path, I’d leave them.  Crazy, but not worth getting heat stroke over. 

When the weather is wet, be sure to call the course to discover the course conditions.  Playing with a 90 degree rule is not terrible (compared to cart path only) so be sure to adhere to the course requirements.  The damage done by aloof golfers to fairways takes weeks, if not months, to repair and greatly reduces other players’ enjoyment on the course.

Here’s hoping that our day long rains stop so that our courses can survive…and my game’s survival!

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